U Plas Nylon Lanyard 20mm DCLY 20

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Lanyards offer practicality, versatility, and visibility, making them valuable tools in various professional, personal, and event-related contexts.

Colour: A.Green / Blue / Orange / Red / Yellow


Identification and Access Control
Lanyards are often used to carry identification badges, access cards, and key cards. They allow for easy visibility of credentials and provide quick access to secure areas in workplaces, events, conferences, and other settings.

Branding and Promotion
Many organizations and businesses use lanyards as promotional tools. Lanyards can be customized with company logos, names, slogans, or event information, serving as a way to increase brand visibility and recognition.

Lanyards offer a hands-free way to carry essential items like keys, IDs, USB drives, and small tools. This convenience is particularly useful in situations where you need to access these items frequently.

Lanyards can be used as safety measures to prevent loss or theft of important items. For example, using a lanyard to secure a valuable item like a phone reduces the risk of accidentally leaving it behind.

Events and Conferences
Lanyards are commonly used at events, conferences, trade shows, and seminars to distinguish attendees, speakers, staff, and volunteers. They provide a simple way to visually identify different participant groups.

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